Gudeg Ceker “Sedep Raos” Seturan

gudeg ceker
A visit to Yogyakarta, feels incomplete if being not buy special food.
one being a special menu gudeg. Diverse gudeg offered one of them is warm claw "Sedep Raos" Seturan.
GUDEG real identity itself is a jackfruit vegetable, cooked more than one night, even if there are other menu it is only flavoring menu. In this case (warm foot) there is a mix of "claw" or cooked chicken legs such that deliciousness is second to none.
Claw at the stall "Sedep Raos" interesting addition to buyers try. In others the same that there is gudeg nangka, sambel krecek, lombok ceplus, areh, tempe and tahu, and daging suwrian. Gudeg Ceker very complete with it's unique and different from other warm. Texture claw here soft and hard not to be consumed by the buyer.
Stalls "Sedep Raos" always crowded every hour 6 pm to 11 pm. Remember if the shop is not open Sunday. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Jalan Seturan which now has grown rapidly with a variety of culinary business Jogja while enjoying the charm of the students Jogja, please Eat Mania mingle at Warung "Sedep Raos" Gudeg Ceker Seturan.


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